Mestre Cocada

Rogerio Valencio da Silva, better known as Mestre Cocada in the Capoeira world, began training at the age of 15 in his city of Goioerê, Paraná, Brasil . At the age of 18, Mestre Cocada began training with Mestre Fran and opened his own academy in 1999. In conjunction with the local government, Mestre Cocada implemented a social project in ten schools of Goioerê. The programs are highly successful today with over 500 students ranging from ages 5 to 15.

Upon arriving to the United States, he traveled the country participating in various events and workshops. In 2005, Mestre Cocada appeared in the Sergio Mendes and Black Eyed Peas video “Mas Que Nada.” He also appeared in the video “Miracles” with the group Arrested Development, which features Mestre Cocada in a one-handed handstand. In August 2008, Mestre Cocada was promoted to level of Mestrando, the second highest level in Capoeira. He then settled in New Orleans, Louisiana and has created a thriving capoeira community, now known as – Capoeira Arte Reviver. He became a Mestre of Capoeira in September 2019.

Mestre Cocada has trained, taught, and lived Capoeira for over 20 years. He is currently based in New Orleans with the desire to introduce Capoeira and Brazilian culture to the people of this great city.